About Us

About Us

Walking Moustache Pictures came into being in 2012 after co-founders Aidan McDonald and David McKinnar graduated from their Film and Television degree at university. The Melbourne-based video production company specialises in creating artistic music videos, short films, and promotional material for a range of diverse clients.

The pair met in high school and immediately bonded of their mutual passion for film and productive, and its this innate connection that drives Walking Moustache. Aidan and David decided to form the company to brand into bigger productions,

Walking Moustache Pictures has produced music videos for a wide range of some of Melbourne’s best bands, including Clowns, I’lls, Klo, Honey Badgers, Harmony and Pets with Pets, as well as promotional films for Oxfam Australia, Hendricks Gin, and comedy sketches for Fancy Boy via the ABC and Screen Australia.

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